In early December 2021, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) decided to retire its blogs by the end of the year. For the editors of the inclusion/exclusion blog, whose goal was to “discuss issues pertaining to marginalized and underrepresented groups in mathematics,” this news came out of the blue, and two of its editors hurried to register their disappointment before being shuttered.

Basically, we were de-platformed.

Over the course of its existence, the blog has served the mathematical community in invaluable ways, calling out racism, sexism, and abuse especially in the research community, often at the expense of the careers of those daring to make a stand. Despite the fine print that the “opinions expressed on these pages […] did not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the AMS,” the affiliation was enough for the blog to play the double-edged sword of crediting the AMS with some semblance of anti-oppressive work and opening the AMS to blame for being too woke. Whatever the reasons for retiring its blogs (no official statement was made), a new space is needed for the show to go on: the work is far from done.

This is the unofficial, unauthorized, uncensored post-AMS i/e blog. Welcome to the after party. Take a load off, the tea is hot.

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