• Testimonios: Dr. Ralph R. Gomez

    Testimonios: Dr. Ralph R. Gomez

    I would like to dedicate this article to the memory of my mother Sally Gomez, my father John Gomez, and my brother Johnny Gomez. Early Years Lemoore. About forty miles south of Fresno, California, in the Central Valley is a small town called Lemoore. This town is but one of many little towns that comprise […]

  • Testimonios: Dr. Stephan Ramon Garcia

    Testimonios: Dr. Stephan Ramon Garcia

    According to certain metrics, I am a highly successful mathematician. In 2019, I was elected a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and was awarded the inaugural AMS Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research (see the photo on page 125). I have been on the editorial boards of well-known journals and written over a hundred […]

  • Testimonios: Dr. Alexander Díaz-López

    Testimonios: Dr. Alexander Díaz-López

    When It All Started It’s Saturday evening and the sun is about to disappear from the horizon. I hear the sound of dominoes, clashing with each other. A table is set, my sister and cousins are shuffling the dominoes and we all get ready to play. Sometimes for hours. When (if!) we got tired, we […]