• Testimonios: Dr. Omayra Ortega

    Testimonios: Dr. Omayra Ortega

    Why Math I have always been drawn to beauty and order, two concepts central to mathematics. I grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York—a wonderful land on the south shore of Long Island (right near the beach). The ocean has always been a tranquil escape for me, and I’ve always felt a connection to […]

  • Disrupting JMM 2023

    Apparently JMM 2023 is just around the corner. I will be going. Can’t say I feel great about it, though! For many reasons from a little thing called an Ongoing Pandemic to other less precise concerns about my time, energy, and mental health. But I have plane tickets! And we can pretend, for the sake […]

  • Testimonios: Dr. Cynthia Oropesa Anhalt

    Testimonios: Dr. Cynthia Oropesa Anhalt

    A Story of Latinx Something I heard as a child from relatives was the story that God first “baked a batch of people,” and the oven was not hot enough, so the people came out “underbaked” with light skin, so God compensated in the second batch by turning the oven temperature too high and burned […]